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Getting Around Ireland 

Escorted Tours

  • Great for those who don't want to drive
  • Great option for first time visitors
  • Great value as most everything is included
  • Lots of fun meeting others especially the Tour Director

Train & Bus
This is an option for the traveler who does not have a lot of luggage and is looking for a budget option.
  • Bus service available to more cities.
  • Train system is limited to main cities
  • When traveling by bus, children under 16 are charged child fares. One child under three will be carried free if accompanied by and in the charge of a fare-paying passenger, provided that the child does not occupy a seat to the exclusion of another passenger.
  • In the Republic of Ireland, children under 16 pay half fare on all bus routes
  • When traveling by train in the Republic of Ireland children under five travel free, while children from five to 15 years old pay half fare. Check out Irish Rail for more information.
  • In Northern Ireland, family tickets are available for unlimited travel while in Northern Ireland by bus, Metro and rail which are available from Translink. Children under 16 pay half fare on all routes.
  • Train/Bus or a combo can be purchased.
Bus schedules and tickets:
Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland

Train schedule and tickets:
Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland

Chauffeur Drive
May seem expensive but sometimes works out quite affordable if there are 6 - 10 passengers. We have a fantastic supplier, Kennedy Coaches, that really make these trips special! The quality of the vehicles is excellent and drivers are qualified guides.

  • Driver has to be booked using consecutive days (not 1 day on and then 1 day off)
  • Driver is by law only allowed to drive 8 hours a day
  • Driver does not stay with the client 24 hours and usually stays in accommodation close by
  • Company does not require an exact itinerary however the more information they have in advance the better the trip will be for the client
If booking a chauffeur with B&B's, the client must have the accommodation booked prior to arrival.

Driving & Car Rentals
Main Pick-up & Drop Off Locations:

  • Cork Airport
  • Dublin Airport
  • Dublin City (on the south side of the city)
  • Shannon Airport
  • Minimum age for car hire is 25 years and maximum age is 79 years
  • Pick up in the Republic of Ireland and drop off in Northern Ireland is allowed free of charge as long as the car rental is 5 days or more (for bookings less than 5 days there is a one way charge of €160.00 paid locally). There is no fee for pick up / drop off between Dublin, Shannon and Cork
  • A valid driver's license & vehicle title document/registration certificate or vehicle rental agreement are required when driving.
  • Drive on LEFT HAND SIDE of road
  • There are some tolled highways, and the average fee is €1.00 for cars
  • No need for car in Dublin City
  • Minimum Driving age: 25 years.
  • Children under 12 years age not permitted in front seats.
  • Wearing of seat belts is compulsory in front and rear seats.
  • It is illegal to drive and use a handheld mobile phone in Ireland
  • Must have a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) to rent a car
  • Credit card insurance coverage's are not accepted by Hertz Ireland
  • Cars are much smaller than here - make sure to book appropriate size to accommodate luggage.
  • Automatic vans are limited especially in Summer. Car rentals should be booked at the same time as flights and hotels if possible.


* All airline related taxes and fuel surcharges are included. Prices are per person, based on double occupancy, and are subject to change prior to purchase. Some foreign authorities require fees at arrival or departure that must be collected directly from the passengers at the airport. Airline-imposed baggage fees may apply and be due at the airport; please consult your airline prior to departure for the latest fees.

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